Experience the
Beauty of Lighting

Based in Doha, Qatar, LUMEN enlightens the region as a lighting consultancy providing solutions deep-seated into the innovative concepts of technology, art, and creativity.

Our light is unique because it leaves a distinctive touch. We gather architects, designers, and lighting specialists well-versed in their fields to provide the best standards of all types of lighting.

Scope of work

We Go Beyond
the Basics


LUMEN prides itself in providing a wide variety of products in
lighting and building technologies. We strive to supply the

best standards of all types of lighting from our selected
network of manufacturers all around the world.

Choosing the Best

Our consultation combines with your preferences whenever
we select a product for you. The quality of our products
uplifts our designs and we move one step closer to lighten
up your lives.

Post-sales Services

LUMEN provides installation supervision and service
including orientation, training, inspection and post-sales
maintenance for smooth operations.

Technical Support

LUMEN provides support in the form of technical submittals including detailed data sheets, shop drawings, manual and test reports for complete documentation.

Why choose us?

What makes us different?

Technical experts
Strong partnerships

Our Beliefs

All of our efforts are dedicated to upholding the promise of
complete customer satisfaction.


We advocate for sustainable options by integrating
innovative lighting solutions in our ever-changing industry.
Our energy efficient approach is the cornerstone of our
success and advanced growth.


Our lighting experts supervise the execution for smooth
operations, conduct necessary checks on-site, provide
design consultancy and promote post-sales maintenance for
every project.


We maintain global standards of quality and care in our
products and operations to deliver seamless services to our
customers. From technical support to product procurement,
quality assurance is our priority.

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