LUMEN values your sentiments, therefore we provide you an integrative lighting service perfect for creating life-long memories, uplifting your mood, and enhancing your performance with better impressions.

Recessed Downlights

Recessed luminaires integrate into the ceiling and provide an efficient illumination with a seamless look. The uniform vertical lighting enhances the visual comfort of a space.

Surface Downlights

Ideal for high ceilings, surface-mounted luminaires cast perfect ambient lighting in the main area of a room or entrance. 

Trimless Downlights

Trimless downlights give a more sleek, clean, and seamless touch to the surface. 

Framed Downlights

These downlights give the additional creative touch with an exquisite frame to support the lighting fixture. 


Direct light on the wall patterns or specific objects with the multiple angles of a wall-mounted spotlight. 

Wall Washers

Wall washers illuminate vertical spaces with wide beam lighting and enhance the spacious feeling of a room with an impressive glow. 

Track Lights

Illuminate corridors and pathways with a direct lighting fixture to efficiently highlight your spaces. 

Troffer Luminaires

Give your spaces a sleek and modern touch with a recessed luminaire fixed in the ceiling grid in a dropped style. 

Wall Lights

Wall luminaires come with a high lighting output to illuminate large spaces in a uniform pattern. 

Linear Lights

Ideal for both horizontal and vertical positions, linear luminaires uplift the mood and highlight the features in a subtle way. 

Inground Lights

Inground lights emphasize sculptures and architectural features often overshadowed in ambient lighting. 

Decorative Lights

Level up the aesthetics of your private or commercial spaces by installing creative style lighting in the most appealing way. 

Pendant Lights

Give your place a unique touch with the defined glow of pendant luminaires. The shielded beam casts a comfortable touch on walled spaces.

Table and Floor Lamps

Control the direction of the lighting with aesthetically pleasing task lights designed to enhance your performance. 

Medical Lighting

Adjust small lighting fixtures to your needs and illuminate the room from different angles with innovative medical lighting. 

Exit & Emergency

For safe exit during an emergency, our lighting fixtures are equipped with sustainable batteries to withstand a couple of hours.